i thought i totally bombed my test. i just found out that i got a 90.5, not nearly as bad as i thought. i agree that grades don’t mean much, but it shows i studied, and that i have at least a basic grasp of the material.

right now we’re doing xsl / xslt / xpath, which i find to be really useful. from the mac perspective, it’s great. i can finally see all of this xml stuff by using the transform to html method in xsl. i’m wondering now how many “html” pages that i look at are actually xml documents transformed with an xsl-template. as a project for myself, i’m going to try to write an xsl document that will syndicate this journal into my website, using an rss-feed with an xslt. if i can get that done quickly, i’ll know that this class is beginning to pay off.

i also found a pretty cool site with lots of interesting rss / xml feeds. i think part of the beauty of xsl is the ability to flow text into your own choice of formatting, and ability to control the information filtering. after i’ve gotten this journal to flow into my website, i’m going to try to do some sort of graphic display based on a live database… later on down the road, i need to figure out how to turn an html doc into xml. that way i can write a cool mashup, taking xml and html from two different sites to build a third site that integrates the data into a new and more useful perspective on the information (something similar to this one).